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Salona will be presented to you by Ani Pal, your tour guide

Salona – the impressive ancient archeological site

📔 Renato Klein 📸Anita Palada Salona! Have you already heard of this impressive ancient archeological site, located near Split, in the Middle …

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Crljenak Kaštelanski u mirovanju

Crljenak kaštelanski: Vinogradarski i vinski mit!

📔Anita Palada 📸Anita Palada Crljenak kaštelanski! Zimski je dan! Vinogradi podno Kozjaka miruju, a njihovi su redovi među isprepletenim …

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The Red Corals of Zlarin

According to Greek mythology, red corals were made when Perseus beheaded Medusa and threw her head into the sea. Covered in blood from Medusa’s head, the seaweed at the bottom of the ocean turned into stone and became the venerated red coral.

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Gorski Kotar – Nature adventure & wildlife

In a post-covid world we’re taking to the woods like never before. Here, we can experience a calm and sense of presence that escapes us in urban life.

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Klis- Fortress, Food & Games of Thrones

The imposing Klis fortress was also the site of the mega-popular series Game of Thrones. Actors Emilia Clarke, Nathalie Emmanuel, Iain Glen played roles in the Klis fortress and spread its name around the world.

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Lika- Landscape of 1000 Natural Attraction

Plitvice Lakes are a rare natural phenomenon, and the most beautiful in Croatia and beyond. They are located in Lika, the mountainous part of Croatia

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Luxury splash of art

“When there is no anchovy, there will be sardines,” he snapped, sounding like a wise man in the Iliad. “There is never any giving up.”

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Biokovo Skywalk ali Vošac?

Tu smo! Po štirih urah hoda in nekaj kratkih počitkih. Osvojili smo Vošac! Veselju, radostnemu smehu ter skoraj otroških vriskih ni bilo ne konca ne kraja.

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