Travel Journalism - My Writing Adventure

Climbing steep mountain cliffs in Dalmatia, or hurtling down whitewater rapids in a rubber raft might seem worlds apart from journalism, meeting deadlines, and researching articles.
Resourceful, passionate about adventures and traveling, always eager to convey the emotions of people to readers, Croatian native Anita Palada will climb all kinds of “cliffs,” surmount all obstacles to scout out fascinating stories, to give TV, magazine, and newspaper viewers glimpses of far-flung realms.
A “restless spirit” who has long been excited by the hospitality and travel world, and meeting such creators as wine makers, chefs, hoteliers, artists, craftspeople--and so-called “average people” doing extraordinary things, Palada is always ready to write for print or on-line publications, diverse portals and platforms.
Holding a Master’s Degree in Journalism and Public Relations, fluent in Italian and English, Palada is ideally located in Croatia to be able to travel throughout Europe. She has written countless stories promoting wineries, craftspeople, restaurant owners, everyday workers, shops, and artists--and is also an avid photographer, eager to enhance her stories with photos.
What is Palada’s hope, her reason for seeking freelance assignments, or a long-term relationship with a Public Relations firm or publication?
She wants to capture the Human Story, wherever that takes her, villages, cities, European capitals--so she can convey its emotions and importance to the world beyond her.


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