Come With Me to Feel Paris Vibes!

Paris, Rome, San Gimignano!

Can you guess what is common in those places? They are famous tourist destinations but not simple as well-known, special ones.

Those cities aren’t only simple places with many buildings or properties built many centuries ago, where people luxuriate in every moment. Those spots have unique and magic vibes.

Paris is a magical jewel, an extraordinary destination, a place that transforms the spirit, that leaves indelible memories — Paris a timeless destination that remains a cultural wonderland and romantic idyll.

“When I am there, I feel welcomed. Something exceptional is in the air. I love Paris, especially during Christmas when all is so magic,”–my friend, a life traveler, said to me many times, describing Paris’ atmosphere.

“There are special sentiments that circle three feet above the sky – the stars on the sky sparkle with beautiful luminosity, inspiring lovers to open, passionate affection. The magic vibes make them more amorous, happy, and fulfilled. Those places enchant and intrigue, make people experience particular moments, provoking them to talk about their pleasant feelings.”

What can be better than a walk-in Paris along Montmartre, sitting in the small café, eating a delicious croissant, looking at walking people and enthusiastic painters? These graces make guests grateful to God to be alive and be there.

When they travel to Italy and stop in Rome, they “run” to throw the change into the Fontana di Trevi with powerful desires to return.

In San Gimignano, they are curious to taste the best ice cream flavors in the world and traditional Italian pasta at the small, traditionally decorated restaurants in the narrow streets.

Tourists prefer to visit those cities, stay at their hotels and restaurants, walking along the streets than to the other ones? Do you know why? Why are those places so memorable? Because of delicate senses that float between land and sky, making an unforgettable harmony of body and mind.

Places and buildings without impressive vibes are the same as a handsome person with an “empty soul,” without personality, warmth, and charisma. Because of that, somebody is more liked and adore than other ones. The same is for cities and buildings. Only good vibes can attract, charm, and stop people at the same place.

How to achieve it?

If you are the city’s mayor, a hotel’s owner, entrepreneur, wine producer, or manager, immerse your feelings into your city, heritage, tradition, and customs. Write, speak, and present it with love. Don’t be quiet! Be loud, loyal, and passionate! Remember that love and engagement can move the world! Tell the best STORY about yourself, your profession, or your city! Create exciting content, highlight pretty photos with smiling and joyful people, charming places, and picturesque landscapes of your region.

I suggest you create a story and publish it on different media, boosting pleasure, emotion, and desire. In this way, your material properties “wrapped in love” will achieve higher value. In effect, it will present you, your energy, and your passion.

If you don’t know how to create artistic, emotional, and dynamic stories, I am here. Just call me, and I will do it for you.

I am Anita Palada, a travel journalist, content creator, PR, and marketing manager from Croatia.

My journalism experience and creative writing skills allow me to describe all I see and feel in an imaginative and emotive way. I am fortunate that I can write original stories. Writing stories about various regions, cultures, travel, touristic destinations, luxury hotels, restaurants, chefs, traditional and modern food, wineries and quality wine, fun, and adventures. I can give them recognition and thus higher value and profit to their owners.

As a writer, professional photographer, and successful digital content creator, I attract over 10000 people per day on my digital channels and much more in association with clients.

We will create and share out your best story.

Contact me.

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