How did my first ferrata start?

Just one more step and I am there, under the rock of that mighty mountain which awakens respect in me, but also fear. I see crucified cables, and in my eyes  there is no end of  them. I think, ah, this ferrata is set up so that I and the other  “heroes of desire” can climb to the top of the mountain on difficult passed boulders.

My heart in my chest beats like crazy, my palms are worn out, a thousand thoughts are swarming in my head, not good … various movies “wash” me from horror to drama. There is too much fear in me. I question myself, is this for me, will I really dare to climb these rocks, calling on God and all the candles to enlighten and protect me!

No more rethinking, can or can not. It’s over, click! I hooked up two of my carbines with steel sites. I left my life in their hands, wondered if my lives were really protected by their power?

I see the team, they are in moving, climbing, everyone in line. They are climbing like dancer, bravely moving towards the their goal. My long-desired adventure has begun, but with that nagging question in my head “why do I need to do this.” Still wondering, next time I will really think what to wish. Maybe it is better to wish for a more romantic adventure. Better to wish some nice and romantic tour to Paris than to climb on the mountain in this mortal fear!

I’m climbing! After a few stops, digging and burying carbines, I have new feeling, totally new to me. I feel freedom!!! I have never experienced something like this. I fly, I can… I am alive!  .  

 I reach the top. The view from the top is beautiful. I am so proud of myself.  There is no more fear inside me. No more dramas with bad endings. Now I am experiencing a new movie filled with adrenaline and life.

Ever since that first climb I am sure I never again want to experience life from the sidelines.  I don’t need security and everyday  conformity.  I want to really live life, seize every moment and live to the fullest. I want to enjoy nature and climb ferratas as often and as fiercely as possible. I always want to feel that I am alive, taking risks and overcoming challenges.

Perfect feeling, try it yourself!