Climb Ferrata Cikola Croatia

Via ferrata through the Čikola Canyon – Can I fly once again

Was it unusual to follow a river that didn’t flow through its riverbed? The Čikola river has disappeared.  It didn’t want to show us her beauty and the joy she usually radiates. We looked for a few drops, but we didn’t find them. We climbed the heights of her canyon to see the Čikola moving, to hear her roar. We went down close to the river bed into the trough and waited patiently, but she didn’t answer!

We were here, in the heart of Čikola Canyon walked through  its beautiful land. Ready to explore the canyon heights, depths, wild and  untouched nature which surrounded us. Wide meadows welcomed us. All around us, it was beautiful and with  multicolored flowers. They invited us to join them. We sat there for the moment, touched softly their petals, and smelled its magic scent. We were drunk of nature and its beauty but had to go on. Where? To climb Ferrata!

Maybe you don’t know what Ferrata is? Maybe you haven’t yet felt the power of a harness with two leashes connected with steel cables, fixed to the rock of sides of cliffs. If you ever have the desire to fly over the clouds and be free, try it. Believe me it is an amazing feeling!

We finally started to climb Ferrata.

The Ferrata of Čikola was something unique and remarkable, it was an unknown place for all of us. A totally new experience.  Although we climbed many Ferrata like Perun, Omiš Dinara, and Kozjak several times, we were  aware that we must appreciate nature, all new cliffs, and their power.

I am very experienced in Ferrata but despite that, my little heart was beating faster. I looked at my friends, tried to prepare for my first steps. The climb started! No more thinking this was  time to act.  My sense of adventure boosted my adrenaline. I felt alive, in my natural surroundings.  I felt free, but could I fly once again?

Sometimes climbing seems impossible, but I knew I have had to be brave, mentally strong and my legs and arms would work perfectly.

I had to climb my first difficult cliff.  My inner voice whispered to me to be brave.  Even if nothing has gone perfect, I had to be patient.

Obstacles confronted me. It was harder than I  thought. I tried to push  my entire body to go on, to reach a distant carved step. Unsuccessful! I was in a trap! I knew I had to stay, took a breath. I wondered how was I going to conquer  this huge  cliff. I tried once again, pushed my body  to catch another carved step with my arms. The first obstacles were overcome!  I did it!

I could  fly! I found  a measure of happiness which I always wanted. I really understood now the meaning of happiness.  I was overjoyed, grateful to God for this perfect gift and day.

We promised  to come back to Čikola river  and enjoy her beauty again. When? In the time  when she will be ready to show us her charms and full beauty. We don’t want to disturb her moments and her freedom of choice. We have the patience to wait,  to discover her charms slowly.  Čikola river will swell again in its bed and we will be delighted to see her full beauty, the most powerful potential of water.

Soon Čikola River! We will be back!